Liz Hennel

Liz Hennel

I started coming to Art & Soul in 2012 following another Art for Wellbeing course. That course unlocked so much for me, unexpressed creativity. The outlet was at a point in my life where there were things I couldn’t verbalise and it felt like pain relief.

Ive really enjoyed getting back into oils last year, it was fantastic after not touching them for years! I’ve done a lot of watercolour work and sketching in the group. I take time to hatch an idea but once I’ve got it I work really quickly and it just ‘happens’!

Last years Paint and portrait project was so exciting and I’ve carried on doing portraits- not necessarily humans! My dog portraits were in the Touchstones exhibition and ive had commissions from that.

I enjoy what comes along, I might not always follow the theme in the group but that’s okay, it’s the creative energy that’s important to be part of and being with like minded people.



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