Maggie Shriane

Maggie Shriane

Ive tried all sorts of materials such as watercolours, gouache, acrylic, oil paints, pastels, inks poscas and collages. Out of all these I like oil paints best. Out of this I have found my equilibrium, because when I do art I cant go to fast, to slow, to soft or hard. Its all got to be done in sync, for me this is one of the enjoyable way to regain my equilibrium!


Above: Pieces of 3D diamond work.



Above: This clay work is still in process


Above: Niave Painting in acrylic


Above: This is a portrait of two of my cats Morby and Gaia done is acrylic.


Above: This pieces from the theme we did on fantasy and myth.


Above: This piece of work was from the  lino cutting theme.


Above: This is called ‘Mixed Seasons’ using gouache and water colour paints. This piece is about the changing seasons and the lack of seasons we experience now.


Above: An angel looking for a drowned soul with orbs surrounding, waiting to take him, done in ink.


Above: This piece is about fear.  The moment when fear of going out meets fear of staying in.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 13.53.12

Above: The piece came from the project about reflections and is about oppression in their spiritual beliefs.  A collection of amulets from my collection from 16 years onwards, where I had been looking for spiritual enlightenment.

The colour represent the suffragettes and their cause of wanting equality.The Brown beads represent the female Irish saints and Benedictine nuns,in 1537 Isabel Whitehead and Sister ElizabethBaton were tortured and killed for their spiritual beliefs.

The Orange and red beads represent the titan nuns (Qiu Xiang) who in 2011 was he 11th nun to set herself on fire for there cause of wanting basic human rights.

The Wicca symbols reparent the murders of females who were burnt  at the stake for their spiritual beliefs.


This painting is painting with water colour, gouache and a little touch of  Black ink.


This piece was inspired by  a trip out the The Lowery art gallery where there was a theme of Andy Warhol and his history.( I never knew he was obsessed with Marilyn  Moeroe !)


Above: From the project Circus Fairground and Magic.  This is about the clown behind his painted smile, cover the smile and look at his eyes. He’s missing his loved one.


Above: Sanataria, peering through olive leaves at the sea from the balcony.


Above  Self Portrait of Morby cat and myself.


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